The upcoming Game of Thrones RPG may not have a release date yet beyond "early 2012," but at least we've got these screenshots to whet our appetites for wight-slaying, wench-taking and throne-stealing in the meantime. Some of these locations are easily recognizable, like Castle Black and the Wall, while others remain mysterious (do any fans of the book remember what house has a broken sword hilt for its sigil?).

So reads the press release: "From the titian hearth-lit warmth of Castle Black to the imposing majesty of one of the many seats of power in Westeros, the new screenshots released today take fans of the series into locations both familiar and new that stay true to the soul of the books and resonate with the hit TV series."

The above screenshots include six new ones and four old ones. We're guessing the game will come out in April, around the same time season 2 of the HBO series is starting. What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.