If you, like me, are excited for the Silent Hill HD Collection, then this next bit of news may sting a little. On three. One, two....

Konami stated today that the Silent Hill HD Collection will experience a slight delay, and will be arriving in March, instead of the January 24th date many of us were looking forward to.

Konami went on record to say, "[the] Silent Hill HD Collection release date has been changed. The game will now be released in March. We will be sending out definitive dates on all three Silent Hill games later this week."

So, there you have it. We can expect to hear from Konami very shortly on how things are being shuffled around. 

Either way, it will be a good time to be a Silent Hill fan, and a great time to enter into the series if you haven't already. And it will give some of us some much-needed time to catch up until Silent Hill: Downpour. Though I'm sure we'd love to be catching up in HD.

That said, who here is a little bummed about the pushbacks?