Indie devs take note: Serious Sam publisher Devolver Digital will be hearing your pitches, watching your demos and feeding you nachos at GDC 2012 in March, so get ready for the bus ride of your life.

"Devolver Digital’s Fork Parker, infamous Chief Financial Officer and champion of the 1%, has thrown down the cash-filled gauntlet to challenge the next generation of indie game superstars," they wrote in a press release and on the publisher's official site. "The eccentric money man at the pioneering publisher is offering completion funds and a publishing deal to the three best game prototypes, demos or pitches presented to the Devolver Digital team at this year’s GDC in San Francisco, March 5–9."

This scheme worked out well for them last time, when Devolver and Serious Sam studio Croteam teamed up with indie devs Vlambeer, Mommy's Best Games and Be-Rad Entertainment for the "Serious Sam Indie Series" leading up to the release of Serious Sam 3. So if you think your idea for a game is better than other peoples' ideas for games, hit up and set up an appointment.

Here's one more quote from Fork Parker himself, just to show you they mean business: “The only thing I love more than money is working with talented indie developers to make their sweet ass games even sweeter,” he said. “Attractive twenty-something ladies and lobster nachos are pretty high on the list too.”

Let us know in the comments or on Twitter if you decide to pitch them something so we can look for your name all in lights next year.