A collector over on the Assembler forums is staging a "fundraiser" to release two ROMs of the Game Boy Color port of Capcom's original Resident Evil. The game was nearly completed by a UK developer in the late '90s, and stays shockingly true to the PS1 original. Just check the video above. It's never been publicly released, so the party currently in possession is asking for $2,000 before the end of February.

The original post claims they're "taking quite a substantial hit" by only asking for $2,000, though as Joystiq points out in their original report, the collector will remain in possession of the actual cartridges. Their tone is justifiably skeptical; how did this individual acquire an unreleased game in the first place? There's a reason it's so rare. Is this even legal?

Assembler posters took offense to Joystiq's headline ("Man ransoming unreleased Resident Evil GBC prototype ROMs to the Internet") and tone. In their defense, they called Joystiq "asshats" who "can blow it out their asses." Indeed, how dare a gaming blog raise legitimate concerns regarding the legality of their morally dubious endeavors! Harumph.

We're all for the preservation of gaming history, as well, even if it's done in back-room and under-the-table deals. But it doesn't seem too unreasonable to ask for a little more information in this case. What do you think? Are you logging into Paypal already to donate some money and get your own copies? Or are you firing off an email to Capcom, you stinking narc? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.