If you've lived in close quarters with people without the strongest of walls, you've probably experienced that awkward moment when you hear your neighbors having sex. This dude, known as Ryan, is no stranger to the struggle.

Rather than clap back with some explosive sex of his own, he created the appropriately titled "Ryan's Thin Wall Challenge." It's definitely more marketable (and entertaining) than Denzel's method of coping displayed in He Got Game.

Ryan must complete tasks ranging from landing a Funyun in his mouth with a toy helicopter to bobbing for lemons before "four arms and four legs" wrap it up-or be subject to punishment such as tasering himself or eating a spoonful of wasabi. If that isn't motivation, we don't know what is.

In the episode above, which he calls "Two Neighbors, 1 Cup," Ryan has to bounce five quarters into a glass or face the taser. While we're applauding his hilarious use of Junior Mafia's "Get Money" as a segue, check out the other challenges.

"Balloon Job," "Nice Cans," "Tiny Cockpit," and "Lemon Party."

[via Gothamist and Buzzfeed]

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