Apparently Nintendo plans to make the Wii U into a fully functional e-reader, among other things. According to blog Forget The Box, a Los Angeles-based software firm was approached by Nintendo about converting certain apps from iOS to the Wii U's app store, as well as create an e-reader that would work on your TV, on the Wii U tablet and the 3DS.

The blog post mentioned a possible partnership with Prima Games to create digital editions of strategy guides to accompany virtual console games. The post also mentions the creation of a digital database for magazines: While Nintendo is supposedly working to secure deals with other outlets outside of the gaming world, they hoped to jumpstart that service with the digital republication of the entire back catalog of Nintendo Power.

To be clear, this is an anonymous source from an unknown blog, so it's far from sound. Still, most of the information is in line with the previous rumors that Nintendo will use the Wii U to push into the larger entertainment market.

[Forget The Box via VG247]