Earlier in the month, Complex accompanied Captain Morgan to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to beta test Captain Morgan's new mobile game, Captain's Conquest.

The goal of Captain's Conquest is to rise from Stowaway to Captain of your own fleet. Use your mobile GPS and social media accounts like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter to collect in-game rewards, real-life swag and exclusive party updates. Battle opponents by firing cannons at opposing ships and join with friends to create your own unstoppable fleet. Captain's Conquest combines three things you already love; gaming, social media and (responsible) drinking, and throughout CES, Captain's provided complimentary shuttle rides, cocktails and an exclusive chance to play Captain's Conquest before anyone else.

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The Scope operates with your phone camera to unlock special items to be collected and used throughout the game. 



Captains Conquest uses GPS to display your ship location and features local bars and restaurants to visit where you can collect rewards for game play and in real life. Locations of other players will appear on your display map. Battle an opponent by touching another ship and engage in combat.



You can Dock (check-in) your ship by navigating the GPS map as you move around in the real world. Tap the Dock button to check into a venue and earn travel mileage. Mileage is calculated and you'll receive exclusive rewards for traveling and checking into new locations. Strengthen your ship by acquiring virtual items to keep or sell at the next port, and Dock nearby players belonging to your fleet for a territorial advantage.



When you download Captain's Conquest, you'll be asked to join one of five fleets. There's an option to sail solo, but the game is more fun when you belong to a prominent fleet. Become a strong contributor and elevate your status from Stowaway to Captain. Fleets can also be formed by hitting up friends on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.


Attack a rival ship and enter the Battle Mode screen. Choose your weapon and aim by tilting your device. Use the accelerometer to detect your angle and fire by tapping the screen. Rival ships will either choose to exchange fire, or retreat. The outcome is determined by the strength and size of the ships as well as the battle skill.


Captain Henry Morgan and his Morganettes welcomed us with open-arms, and we're proud to report Captain's Conquest was developed with the same quality and detail that's distilled into his delicious rum. Captain's Conquest is an innovative platform for gamers looking to experience quality game play with social media connectivity. Plus, what other game delivers awesome drink specials and exclusive Captain Morgan content? We can't wait to download the official version of Captain's Conquest out this May, available on both Android and iOS devices.