Kari Ann Peniche

Another one-time participant on Celebrity Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew, Kari Ann Peniche is a former teen beauty queen who had her title stripped from her when she stripped for Playboy. This wasn’t the only time she ended up in the news, though; in 2006, Peniche, who just so happened to be Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter's ex, famously got engaged to his younger brother, Aaron, for six days despite having only known him for five days, and in 2009 she starred in a leaked video with married couple Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy) and Rebecca Gayheart (the old Noxzema girl), which featured the three of them naked, though not participating in any sexual acts. On Sex Rehab, she said that she’d had hundreds of lovers, but found herself incapable of having emotional relationships with any of them.