Billy Bob Thornton

When someone admits that they have a problem, whether it be with drugs, alcohol, food, or sex, the next step is normally to seek help and begin the recovery process. After all, acceptance is the most important thing. In 2002, Billy Bob Thornton did accept his problem during his marriage to a then super-crazy Angelina Jolie, and in an effort to save their relationship, he went to therapy so he could get past his issues. This only led to him screwing his therapist. Not exactly the right kind of therapy for his specific problems, to say the least.

Interesting fact: In 2008, when fellow sex addict David Duchovny and wife Téa Leoni briefly split, rumor has it that the reason wasn’t Duchovny’s freaky problem—it was because Duchovny had discovered a bunch of sexts on Leoni’s phone from none other than Mr. Thornton. What the what?