We've had our eye on Sumioni: Demon Arts for a while—it's one of the best-looking upcoming PS Vita titles by far. Comparisons to Okami are inevitable, as Sumioni shares its sumi-e Japanese ink-based art style.

But new plot details, revealed today, help to set it apart. They've packed in plenty of backstory, considering it's a platformer, and it's even got multiple endings.

It's an ancient tale of betrayal: evil dudes Seimei and Fukujou overthrow the Japanese Chancellor, only for the slightly more evil Fukujou to then betray Seimei in turn. But not before Seimei invokes an evil demonic energy and lays waste to his ex-partner, kidnapping the dethroned chancellor and his daughter and ruling the land through intimidation.

Fast forward a few decades, and the former chancellor's aide, Tengan, is imprisoned and without hope. In a final desperate act, he gives his life to summon a restless Inkdemon to undo Seimei's oppression. With the help of the Inkgods Shidou and the phoenix-like Yomihi, the Inkdemon Agura must defeat Seimei and his growing legion of evil.

You control Agura, taking advantage of the Vita's touch screen to draw platforms and jets of fire and water. The Inkgods can be summoned for massive attacks, as well. Hopefully the story will continue to unfold as we progress in the game—we're getting more and more excited for this as its vague Spring 2012 launch continues to approach. What about you? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.