All-Pro linebacker Patrick Willis recently tweeted his excitement over the upcoming release of Underworld Awakening, the fourth installment in the vampires vs. werewolves saga. It seems only right that Willis would be a fan of the intense action and high-stakes drama that Underworld has to offer, since he is something of a “Death Dealer” on the football field. In the Underworld lexicon, a Death Dealer is a member of the elite vampire fighting force tasked with keeping the werewolf population in check. Just ask a running back whose gone up against him if a hit from Willis doesn’t have the impact of a silver bullet.

Willis makes his 2012 NFL playoff debut on January 14th, during a weekend that will feature other gridiron Death Dealers Ray Lewis, Clay Matthews and Jason Pierre-Paul. These guys look bad-ass enough in their uniforms, but we’re sure the vamps would be happy to have them throw on some black leather and hit the street for their team. Underworld Awakening opens in 3D on January 20th. Check out: