We've tried to imagine a meeting between John Lee Hooker and Bjork, but it’s hard to picture two places less in tune than the Delta and Iceland. Nonetheless, the two disparate locations come together in the new film Contraband, which stars Mark Wahlberg as a smuggler trying to pull off one last job. Contraband is an adaptation of the Icelandic hit Reykjavik-Rotterdam, and the filmmakers have really gone the extra mile to anchor the film in its American setting of New Orleans. They shot on location, hired local actors for small parts, and put together a soundtrack that includes Hooker, John Mooney, Eli “Paperboy” Reed, and Nola’s own Lil’ Wayne (what would it be without him?). The film even features tracks from Mojeaux, a New Orleans wedding and party band. For more about Contraband, check out http://www.contrabandmovie.net/.

The complete list of songs from Contraband is below, and for more about the movie, check out http://www.contrabandmovie.net/.

1. Mojeaux Band “Do What You Wanna” (live) - http://www.mojeauxband.com/

2. Mojeaux Band “Have You Ever Loved A Woman” (live)

3. Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed - “The Satisfier”

4. The Heavy - “Gotta Have It” – http://theheavy.co.uk/

5. Jay Fresco - “Only Time”

6. OK Sweetheart - “Traitor”

7. John Mooney - “Indian Lea”

8. Ryan Shaw - “Mamma May I”

9. The New Havanna Orchestra - “Congo Mambo”

10. The Latin Mambo Orchestra - “Gente Goza El Son”

11. The New Havanna Orchestra - “Mambo De Los Numeros”

12. Proyecto TQ - “Enciera Su Piel”

13. John Lee Hooker - “Sittin Here Thinkin”

14. Big Head Todd & The Monsters (feat. John Lee Hooker) - “Boom Boom”