Working in tandem with the aforementioned customizing system are the skills you approve by being a sharp dressed man. Like with many adventure games, killing people in Darksiders II causes them to drop different pieces of armor.

This armor comes in three flavors, with each improving very distinct disciplines. Find a piece of “Slayer” armor, for instance, and you’ll improve your stats in melee attacking. And head banging. “We’re not going real deep into how the loot works right now,” Stefanelli says, “but I will say that loot is generally generated randomly, and it’s up to you to find and equip the loot that makes the most sense for how you want to play the game.”

This can be used, of course, to augment your upgraded skills — you can use helmets and boots from the “Necromancer” line to augment your leveled-up magic skills — or to compensate for the areas you haven’t built up so you can make your character a more well-rounded person.