Another change, this time out, is that those aforementioned magic attacks and other aspects of Death’s character can be updated and customized, as the game features a leveling up system that lets you spruce up your melee and magic attacks. “In Darksiders, you purchased [magic attacks] from a list,” Stefanelli explains, “but in Darksiders II, you get experience points and level up, and can spend points in the skill tree.” This allows you to make those Birds-loving crows even more deadly, or add new ways to slice people with your scythe. 

Just don’t expect to max out both skill sets the first time you play. “You can’t max them out right away,” Stefanelli says, though he does add that you’ll be able to replay the game from the beginning with your unlocked skills still intact. “And there may be DLC,” he says, “in which we raise the level cap, so you may be able to max your character out eventually.”