As we mentioned, the game has you playing as Death instead of War this time around. “It allows us to tell the story of Darksiders from a different character’s perspective,” Stefanelli says, noting that while the last game showed the false apocalypse from War’s point of view, Darksiders II has, “Death doing his part, and we see how Death handled that situation.” 

But while they’re both Horsemen of the Apocalypse, War and Death are very different people. Death, for instance, prefers to kill things with a pair of scythes, which he can use to slash enemies with hacking and spinning attacks. But he also has a number of secondary melee weapons that are split between such heavy ones as a hammer and such lighter ones as claws that will make you think someone at Vigil really, really likes Wolverine. “And within those,” Stefanelli notes, “there are three sub-categories. It’s not just a hammer and some Wolverine claws.”

Death also has his own unique magic attacks, which, Stefanelli notes, “are more like conjuring.” “Exhume,” for example, brings forth zombies who’ll try to eat your enemy’s brains, while “Murder” summons crows who are big fans of Hitchcock’s The Birds.