Unlike other forms of entertainment, people who make games seem to really listen to their fans so they can significantly improve their work. And while the good people at Vigil are no exception, they’re also, apparently, not unaware of their own shortcomings.

“There were quite a few things that players commented on, and we took them to heart,” admits Darksiders II Producer Ryan Stefanelli. “Though the good news for us was that there wasn’t anything that surprised us. Most of it were things that made us say, ‘Yeah, we agree’ or were something we wanted to put in as well. For example, people said the difficulty curve spiked a bit too much, so we’re making strides to smooth the difficulty out.”

Another change that resulted from this feedback and introspection is that the game is much bigger and broader this time out. While game is largely set in the underworld as opposed to the surface world — though Stefanelli slyly hints, “There may be a few twists to that…” — you’ll see a lot more of the world in this second game thanks to all the side missions and secondary dungeons they’ve added.