While combat has never been the main focus of the Silent Hill games, it’s still important to defend yourself. But you won’t find a lot of weapons in Downpour. Or rather, you won’t find a lot of things that were made to be weapons. 

Instead, you’ll find such items as a fire axe, crowbar, or pipe that you can use to crack skulls. But since these things aren’t built for skull cracking, they will wear down and eventually break after a while. Granted, you’ll always have your fists, but as in all games — well, all games save for boxing games — punching enemies just doesn’t hurt them all that much.

What’s interesting is that you’ll also use these implements to do what they were meant to do. Early on, for instance, you’ll use the axe to chop down some wood blocking your way, while you’ll later use the crowbar to pull down a stuck fire escape ladder.

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