Tools of the Stealth

Stealth in Absolution excels when it comes to the tools available to Agent 47 whether it's through his own abilities or using the environment to his advantage. This has always been a major tenet of the franchise and Absolution looks to enhance it further. He can hide inside and peek through  closets as well as crawl through vents with a lighter in hand. If 47 finds himself discretely snapping necks, the bodies can be dragged and hidden in freezers, garbage chutes and in the case of orphanages, a large playpen with those plastic balls. 

Certain rooms would be packed with thugs, which gave us cause for concern that a stealth playthrough could potentially be a frustrating exercise in trial and error. This was the kind of heavy foot traffic where it feels impractical to study NPC foot paths. But Agent 47 has gained a bit a special power since Hitman: Blood Money. Known as Instinct, this ability allows 47 to see enemy silhouettes through walls as well as predicted foot paths of enemies. Yes, these talents are a bit superhuman, but maybe we can chalk this up years and years worth of assassin experience. Of course this becomes much less of an issue if he manages to don a disguise, usually by taking the clothes of someone he just killed.