Besides the racing modes, Showdown also includes a trio of “Demolition” events that are variations on the classic Destruction Derby. “We have ‘Rampage,” explains Associate Producer Iain Smith, “which is like ‘Deathmatch’ in that you respawn and it’s all about points, which you get from crashing into people and taking them out. You actually get more points depending on how hard you hit them, and where. If you hit the car on the side and t-bone them, you’ll get more points than if you hit them head-on, since t-boning them will do more damage to their car. You also get extra points if you’re the person who takes an opponent out. 

“Then there’s ‘Hard Target’,” he continues, “which is kind of the opposite, in that everyone is after one person in particular, and if you’re ‘It,’ you’re trying to avoid hitting people and staying alive, since the winner is the person who stayed alive the longest.

“Lastly,” Smith concludes, “‘King of the Hill’ is kind of like Sumo Wrestling in that you’re trying to knock the other cars out of the arena.”