The PlayStation Plus pickings for February are particularly tantalizing—if you haven't ponied up for the paid subscription, now's a good month to do it. The Simpsons Arcade and Final Fantasy V are available for free all month, and Far Cry 2 is free from Feb. 14-22.

Other notable deals include 50% off Rayman Origins until Feb. 8, 50% off Sonic Adventure (with a free upgrade to DX) all month, 75% off Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment later in the month, House of the Dead 3 with Move support 30% off for two weeks later in the month, and half off each Splinter Cell HD title for one week.

Hit up the PS Blog for the full list of discounts and freebies—there are a few more, though chances are you won't give a shit about them. On the other hand, let us know if you've actually been looking forward to a sale on Hungry Giraffe all along in the comments or on Twitter.