What could possibly make one of the founders of Pinkberry lose his shit to the point of beating someone senseless? A tattoo.

Back in June, 47-year-old Young Lee (seen above with co-founder and ex-wife Shelly Hwang) was stopped at a red light by a homeless man looking for money, and then things got way past words. When Lee spotted the man's "sexually explicit" tattoo, he went clean off, serving a tire iron-aided beat down that left the dude with severe injuries.

The authorities still won't reveal what the tattoo said, but it must've been pretty graphic because Lee clearly felt some type of way about it. His feelings-and actions-got him arrested at LAX on Monday, and he's currently being held on $60,000 bail.

Lee, a former kickboxer, apparently has a history of violence and drug abuse. If you piss off someone who can fight and has that cokehead temper, you just might get your ass kicked. How would Larry David feel about this ordeal? It's a little worse than the "chat-n-cut." Just a little.

[via LAist, the LA Times and Gawker]

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