Paula Deen, the butter-happy chef behind some of the deadliest recipes in existence, has managed to polarize many of the people closest to her with her recent decision to endorse diabetes drug Victoza.

Among the casualties, Deen's former publicist Nancy Assuncao, who gave her notice in October, after spending six years helping Deen construct her culinary empire, due to Deen's decision to back the drug.

“I couldn’t understand why they thought this was really good for the brand," Assuncao said. The ex-publicist also added, “if you don’t believe in what your client wants to do, it’s your business to leave."

Assunacao isn't the only one who is outraged over Paula's hypocritical position with the drug company. No Reservations star Anthony Bourdain, Deen's long-time-adversary due to his opposition to her hocking unhealthy recipes to Americans, put it best when he tweeted, "Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business so I can profitably sell crutches later."

Despite opposing Deen's direction, Assunacao says she wishes the Food Network star “nothing but blessings.”

[via Daily News