We've all witnessed pathetically stupid arguments and pointless fights, but a pop culture debate should never lead to violence. Ever. 31-year-old Ronald Deaver (third photo) is currently in custody on felony assault charges for allegedly stabbing a 48-year-old Garfield Heights, Ohio man because he didn't know Jay-Z and Beyonce were married.

This all went down on New Year's Eve, so we'll go ahead and assume that alcohol fueled this random act of fuckery, but how absurd is it that dude really buried a knife in old boy because he didn't know Jay and Bey were married? Not a single, lonely fuck was given about the New Year, the other man's health or his own future whatsoever.

We must do better as a community folks; it's never that serious. No man should be stabbed for not following the life and times of S. Carter.

[via Gawker and Fox 8]

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