A report by CVG claims that Nintendo is considering re-branding the Wii U to a name that doesn't suck. This nugget comes from unidentified sources, but it totally makes sense, and it's a welcome move as far as we're concerned.

The 3DS has already caused enough confusion, with casual DS fans unaware that it's even a new system. The name is just too similar. Now Nintendo might be afraid the same could happen to the Wii U.

Besides, no one really wants a new Wii. We'd rather have something completely different, right? Treat this as a rumor, but a likely one. They're poised to re-reveal the system at E3 2012 anyway—it's the perfect opportunity to announce a new name, with four or five months leading up to the holidays to make sure consumers understand its features.

What would you name Nintendo's new system? Do you think a name change is warranted, or will it just lead to even more confusion? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.