Comic book fans may have spent the last eight years trying to erase Ang Lee’s Hulk from their collective memory, but there is no denying the fact that Nick Nolte’s performance is unforgettable. Nolte plays the father of the Hulk, a deranged scientist obsessed with turning himself into a gamma-fueled monster and taking over the world with his son.

Looking more like his famous mug shot than ever, Nolte's psychotic rants and erratic behavior breathed some much needed life into this movie. It might seem strange, but Nolte's performance is somehow the highlight of a film that included a 10-foot-tall green monster tearing his way through San Francisco. If Ang Lee really wanted to make a watchable Hulk movie, he should have just let Nolte unleash 90 minutes of alcohol-drenched political rants on the audience.