As an unbalanced Vietnam Vet, Nolte’s job was to bring a heaping helping of shell-shocked madness to Tropic Thunder. He didn’t just succeed in looking the part, but he also flawlessly brought a level to insane acting to the screen that isn’t seen too often. 

While everyone else in this movie is fully aware that they are in a comedy, Nolte's role is like something that leapt out of Apocalypse Now, which is what makes it so fascinating to watch. Plus, it looks like Nolte got to set every day by being dragged for 20 miles behind a beet truck. In the “post mug shot” period of Nolte’s career, his role in Tropic Thunder is easily his most grizzled and entertaining. It would be incredibly disappointing to find out that Nolte is any different in real life.

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