In 1992, People Magazine voted Nick Nolte as “The Sexiest Man Alive.” The cover of the magazine stated, “Strong, sensitive, and squared-away, he’s a man’s man that women can’t resist.” But in the years since this magazine hit the stands, Nolte has gone from having the beautiful eyes and strong jaw that women simply love, to growing a scraggly beard, frighteningly untamed hair, and wearing clothes that Goodwill wouldn’t even deem acceptable.

There is no doubt about it, despite the hefty salary that Nolte earns for every performance, the man has let himself go over the years. But for a long time, audiences didn’t notice the change. They always thought back to the People Magazine cover and still viewed Nolte as one of Hollywood’s sexiest men. However, when the actor’s infamous 2002 mug shot became public, people began to look at Nolte in a different way.

Slowly but surely, Nolte’s appearance began to resemble the bedraggled mugshot more often than the rugged handsomeness from his heartthrob days. Now it’s rare that he is featured in a movie where he doesn’t look like a Depression-era vagabond. So to celebrate his latest role as an unkempt horse trainer in the new HBO show Luck, we’re taking a look back at Nick Nolte’s 10 Most Grizzled Roles.

Written by Jason Serafino (@Serafinoj1)

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