In an effort to make Atlantic City a more attractive destination for tourists, the state of New Jersey has passed legislation that will make it easier to get married and divorced at the drop of a dime. In short, they want AC to be the East Coast Las Vegas.

This bill would kill the mandatory 72-hour waiting period for a marriage or civil-union license, and raise the fee to $60 from $28. New Jersey would join Connecticut and Rhode Island as the only Northeast states without a waiting period for a marriage license. The bill is now on the desk of Gov. Chris Christie.

Until you see smut at your feet and drunken cartoon characters all around you, New Jersey will never be Vegas. Good luck to the Garden State though, the $3 million Scores they plan to open at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort this summer should definitely lure people. In 2012, strippers are more attractive than marriage.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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