In yet another example of people simply not paying enough attention to things anymore, The Telegraph is reporting that several moviegoers in England have demanded a refund after going to see The Artist and realizing that it is a silent movie. Apparently the movie's black and white style, and completely mute trailers and commercials, didn't sound off any alarm bells to these impatient customers. 

The film's director, Michel Hazanavicius, replied to the walkouts by saying, "I have been told about it and I think it's hilarious, actually." He continued, "If I could give any advice to people it would be that they should ask for their money back whenever they see a film they don't expect. If it's not written on the poster 'this is a bad movie' and they think it's a bad movie, ask for a refund!”

Apparently, this isn't the first time the film has been misunderstood as Hazanavicius also talked about the difficulty the French have had with it, "It's funny because we don't have the same word in French for 'silent', we say 'mute'. And in the beginning people kept asking, 'Is this a movie about mute and deaf people?"

But despite a few angry patrons, The Artist is still seen as the front-runner for the Oscars this year. We suggest you go out now and catch a showing. As long as you realize that it's a silent film, you should be fine.

[The Telegraph via Cinema Blend

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