Since 2006, Mischa Barton's given us almost nothing of merit to talk about. Rather, she's left us all gossiping about her lowest personal moments: her DUI busts, weight gain, out-of-control partying, and that one night witnesses caught her puking in public outside Bar Marmont. After leaving The O.C. by getting killed off the show, the Mischa we knew as the beautifully broken and sun-kissed Marissa Cooper traded in everything we loved about her for an unkempt, crazy, Fedora-wearing persona that alienated her fans. Today, Mischa Barton turns 25, a good time for a quarter-life crisis her to re-evaluate her life and her career. If she needs any help pointing out (and fixing) her mistakes, we've taken the liberty of compiling her 10 worst career fails. Consider this an intervention.