Today, I didn't think I'd see one of my new favorite Minecraft videos of all time, but how do you expect to see something like that?

On a recent episode of the Yogscast, these folks show off a helicopter mod that looks simply awesome. But this is about the video, and maybe I'm alone in this, but the commentary is moving and funny, pure stream-of-consciousness. They cite everything from Battlefield 3 to Mission: Impossible.

I'd rather stop talking about it and let you watch it. I'll definitely be subscribing to these guys for what looks like some of the most entertaining Minecraft videos online.

You can follow these folks in every way imaginable: you can check them out on FaceBook, Twitter, or just check out their forums and podcast.

You can also download the helicopter mod from here.

Does anyone know of any other good Minecraft podcasts/series worth checking out?