Reggie Allen told police that the MetroCard vending machine prevented him from sneaking a loaded Intratec Luger Tec-9 onto the subway in New York. The South Carolina native claims he attempted to beat the fare at the Times Square A,C,E station because he was confused by the MetroCard machine. Technology defeats man once again.

When police approached Allen, they noticed he was carrying a loaded .45 caliber Smith and Wesson in his waistband and then it was all downhill from there. After checking his bag, they found the machine gun, along with extra ammo-34 additional bullets.

Allen also told the cops he stole the guns in D.C. and was in New York to sell them. Police discovered that Allen had several aliases, as well as an open warrant for drug charges. Tack on a few more for these guns and it's really about to be him against the world, as his tattoo suggests.

[via Gothamist and NY Post]

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