So, it turns out that the guy who made Molotov cocktails out of Frappucino bottles from Starbucks isn't quite a bigot, he's just an asshole. Let him tell it. 40-year-old Ray Lazier Lengend, who looks like any and every failed New York rapper from the mid-90's, claims he firebombed Muslim and Hindu places of worship, a bodega and two homes for revenge.

According to the New York Post, Lengend attacked an Islamic center in Jamaica, Queens (last image) because they wouldn't let him use the bathroom. The bodega was targeted because the owner caught him shoplifting, while two other locations were bombed to settle petty scores. The last spot, a private residence, was a mistake because this prick had the wrong address for a crack dealer.

His quest for vengeance yielded four arson charges and five more for possessing an explosive, but he'll also face one count of arson as a hate crime for allegedly making anti-Muslim statements. That's defensible when you're only kind of a bigot, right?

Sensitive thugs, man.

[via Gawker and NY Post]

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