With the NFC Championship Game on the horizon, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is feeling pretty confident-probably more confident than Giants Coach Tom Coughlin. Bloomberg is so high on the Giants recent success that he's made a pretty wild bet with San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

If the Giants win, Lee has agreed to throw a Giants flag over a classic San Fran cable car, and will ship sourdough bread to New York. A wise move by Lee, nothing too drastic. If the 49ers win, however, Bloomberg will send a dozen bagels from Bagel Oasis in Queens to the Bay and rename 49th Street in Manhattan to "49ers street." That's a pretty risky bet.

Sure, the last time these teams met in the NFC Championship Game, the Giants (Leonard Marshall, specifically) basically ended Joe Montana's career as a Niner en route to Super Bowl XXV (which they won), but isn't this just a tad bit cocky? The city of New York stands to lose more if the Giants take the L.

Giants fans and New Yorkers-feel free to share your thoughts and feelings on this.

[via Gothamist]

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