All my fellow LA residents are probably hurting for something to do right now, what with the biting-cold blizzards we've been having lately. Just kidding, it's like, 70 here all the time.

That doesn't mean we can't party like we're being oppressed. Enter LeetUP, a new live events series started by "Attack of the Show"'s Kevin Pereira, Charles Hirschhorn, and creative collective iam8bit.

It's being billed as "a festival of nerdly delights" with panels, podcast recordings, music, exclusive game demos, gadgets, toys, and free schwag to occupy our hyper-active brains in between speakers and performances. And because Comic-Con is still a few months away, bring your best cosplay and you might win something.

They've got quite a few nerdy celebrity celebs on board for on-stage recording sessions and panels: Kevin Smith (Clerks, SMODcast), Chris Hardwick (Nerdist), Doug Benson (Super High Me), Felicia Day (The Guild), Greg Fitzsimmons (The Howard Stern Show), Jimmy Pardo (NeverNotFunny, Conan), Alex Albrecht (Diggnation, Totally Rad Show), Epic Meal Time and Ask a Ninja will all be there.

“We wanted to celebrate all that is nerd — our love for the internet, podcasting, tech, music, videogames — and remix them in a way that makes us social again,” said Kevin Pereira in a press release. “We’ve basically designed an intimate and experimental playground, for the discerning nerd, that will constantly evolve at each stop.”

LeetUP will be at the Nokia Theatre in LA on March 1. Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster, the Staples Center box office or the iam8bit store in Los Angeles. Check out their official site and follow them on Twitter for more updates.

Does that sound awesome, or do your anti-social tendencies prevent you from having fun in public? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.