David Stern killed the trade that would've sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, but Kobe Bryant's definitely more pissed off about this one. He gave up his interest in two of the Newport Coast mansions he shared with his soon to be ex-wife Vanessa; two turnovers worse than any he made on the court.

Vanessa did leave Kobe with one crib, also in Newport Coast-the one that's currently under construction. Vanessa will stay in one of the homes, and her mother has been crashing at the other. Imagine the frustration of having to live in the shitty mansion, while your ex and her mom stay in the good ones when neither one of them was around when you were shooting in the gym.

The only thing Kobe can do to forget about these losses is to keep dropping 40 on opponents. With Vanessa on the verge of getting half of his $150 million because he didn't sign a prenup, he's realized that it's cheaper keep to her. Or never marry her in the first place. Look at her eyes; she looks like she has a soul of black ash.

If you can sign an autograph, you can sign a prenup.

[via Bleacher Report and TMZ]

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