It says something when your reputation is so bad that you can't even claim damage to it, and what it says is nothing good. Ironic, you know?

Kim Kardashian is apparently learning this lesson, as she's in the middle of trying to sue Old Navy for airing a commercial that featured Melissa Molinaro, an actress who looks a lot like her. Kim is claiming that Molinaro's likeness to her is causing problems with her career, and she's seeking $20 million in damages to make up for it. Old Navy isn't taking any of her shit, and is biting back by questioning how much right Kim actually has to claim that anything would cause damage to her reputation. Because, you know, it kind of sucks already.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Old Navy's parent company, The Gap, is taking a pretty interesting strategy to fight off Kim's lawsuit.

The moves could be in anticipation of making an argument similar to those in defamation cases where a defendant asserts the plaintiff is "libel-proof," with a reputation so stained that no injury could cause true damage. Or maybe The Gap aims to show that Kardashian is no Molinaro, best known up until now for her appearance on MTV's Making The Band 3, and that Kardashian could never sing and dance like her doppelganger.

Well, that's true. Remember when she tried?

But wait, there's more! Also according to THR, one of the key witnesses in the case could be Kim's ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, who dated Molinaro as well. We don't actually know how this could benefit the case at all other than allowing Kim's attorneys to claim that maybe Bush got confused because they look so much alike, but it's funny nonetheless.

Countdown until this whole lawsuit appears on some Kardashian spinoff?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]