For DIY filmmakers, the recent release of the RED Scarlet brought an affordable digital option. However, the gulf between the likes of Canon’s 5D, priced at about $3,000 and the $17,000 Scarlet still prevents most from making the leap to a professional video camera.

JVC could change that with its GY-HMQ10 model. Unveiled at CES, the camera is priced at only $5,000 and packs 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution and 24P, 50P, and 60P framerates. It’s handheld size is another plus, especially when you compare it against the likes of the Canon xf300, a $7,000 handheld shooting only 2K.

The GY-HMQ10 hits stores in March, so we’ll know then how it fares out in the field.

[via SlashGear]