It's all coming trueAccording to TVLine, Jessica Lange is "considering" a return to American Horror Story for the show's "radically differentsecond season. 

"Yes, we are considering a second season," Lange divulged backstage at the Golden Globes. "I rarely see a script that excites me, but with American Horror Story, every time we would get a new [script], they would have written something for me that was really exciting and challenging."

Best news all day? 

Lange, who took home a Golden Globe last night for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the series, went on to say that "nothing is definite yet," in terms of a return, and she has absolutely no idea who else might be back for season two either. "That’s going to be entirely up to [the producers]. I know that everybody that is returning will be playing a different character." 

[via TVLine]