There has been some talk in the months leading up to the PS Vita's U.S. launch about taking using the PS3 and the Vita to play games interchangeably or using the console as a touch-enabled controller.

With that in mind, Datel Japan is making an accessory for the Vita that facilitates those particular functions. The "Assist Grip" is a piece of molded plastic that fits around the Vita adding hand grips, which makes holding it feel just like holding a PS3.

Japanese site Impress Watch reviewed the device and said that holding the Vita while using the Assist Grip give a feeling close to holding a Dual Shock controller.

The Assist Grip will cost ¥1,380 (Just under 18 dollars) in Japan when it's released on January 31st. As of now there's no word on whether it will be distributed outside of Japan.

[Via Andriasang]