The 19-year-old Saudi hacker who leaked the information of more than 15,000 Israelis' credit cards should probably use some of that money to hire some bodyguards, because Israel is pretty mad at him. So mad, in fact, that they've deemed him a terrorist - which, for them, is more or less an assassination threat. 

The teen hacker, who lives with his parents, likes Xbox, and goes by oXOmar, published the card information that he swiped from a shopping site last week. His excuse was, as he told in an interview with Gawker over Skype, "Israel kills Israeli innocent people... They do not obey any law, international law, so I want to harm them in ANY way I can." 

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon commented that the teens actions were "a breach of sovereignty comparable to a terrorist operation, and must be treated as such... Israel has active capabilities for striking at those who are trying to harm it, and no agency or hacker will be immune from retaliatory action."

Similarly, a top Israeli news site, Ynet, wrote that Omar's hack was "no different than missile strikes and should be addressed similarly." 

Yeah, they sound pretty pissed.

[via Gawker]