Kim Kardashian's popularity has been in the toilet following her failed marriage to Kris Humphries, but the reality TV star is reportedly looking to move on— by hooking up with Tim Tebow!

“Kim has a big crush on Tim,” says a friend. “She says he’s not only very handsome but seems like a guy with really strong values.”

The caveat to the whole thing is that America has a major hard-on for Tebow right now. He's the golden boy and Kim reportedly sees dollar signs in the 24-year-old. 

“Kim needs to rehab her image to get her career revved up again,” says a source. “Dating someone like Tim Tebow would certainly do the trick.”

Thing is, Tebow's not interested.

“Tim’s been made aware of Kim’s crush, and although flattered, he’s not interested,” said another source. “He’s an avowed virgin who’s saving himself for marriage and is looking for a woman with similar values, not someone with two failed marriages AND a sex tape in her past!”