Gamers can play with WWE Diva Layla in THQ’s WWE ‘12 video game. The British beauty, who got her start as a dancer for the NBA’s Miami Heat, entered pro wrestling through the 2006 WWE Diva Search.

By 2009, Layla had partnered with Michelle McCool to form Team Lay-Cool. It was during this tenure that Layla became the first ever British Women’s Champion. In 2011, Layla defeated McCool and sent her packing from the WWE.

These days, Layla enters the WWE ring alone and still serves up quite a show. The WWE Diva talks about her video game skills in this exclusive interview.


Complex: What games did you play back in the day? 

Layla: I’m so old school. I loved that Space Invaders game, Galaga. Whenever I see that anywhere, I get my quarters out and I want to play.

I also loved Pac-Man and was very good at it. And what was that game with jumping over the mushrooms in Super Mario Bros. I loved those games.

Anything new, I’m clueless. I’d rather watch TV. I like the old games because they were easy and I know how to play them.

Did you mostly play arcade games?

I used to hang out at the arcades but then my Mom and Dad got us a system because they got tired of us hanging out at the arcade after school all the time. We had that at home. Homework, and then you could play video games.

What are your thoughts on the lack of those arcades these days? 

I consider Dave & Busters an arcade. That’s where I go to get food and play arcade games and pool tables. Now I’ve just totally plugged Dave & Busters.

What do you think of the new WWE 12 game?

I get to see the WWE games and I watch my friends play them. I have had the chance to try out the game at different events. They’re fun.

And it’s probably a good thing I don’t play them all the time because I can see how they can be addictive. I know I would love it too much. I just will play it once in a blue moon because it’s addictive.

What’s it like to see yourself in WWE 12?

It’s actually very surreal because they look real. Everything looks so real—the outfits and the facial expressions. It’s kind of creepy. 

What do you think of the WWE All-Stars game?

I think it’s amazing. I like that the games are so much bigger than life. The guys are like giants. I like the tricks and stuff you can do. I wish I can do that in the ring in real life.

I also like WWE Superstar Slingshot. I’m a big iPhone fan. And it’s an app that you can download and play.

What role do you see these games playing for WWE fans?

I think for the fans this is a dream come true. You get to see us on TV and sometimes you get to see us live, but with the video games you get to actually control us and pull off these moves. It just feels real and I’m sure it makes them feel like they’re in the ring or that they’re part of the match. And they get to pick their favorites, which is awesome.

What was it like to become the first ever British Women’s Champion?

It was great to be Women’s Champ anyway, but to know I stamped something in history was mind-blowing, shocking, and it’s great to feel like I’m living the dream. It was a great moment.

What would you have done if you weren’t in WWE?

Oh, I don’t know. I want to be a movie star, I want to be a housewife. I’d still want to be in entertainment.