Video of a "human zoo" in India's Andaman Islands has surfaced, and it ain't pretty. Originally published by The Observer, the video shows a bribed police officer forcing the women of the Jarawa tribe to dance for tourists.

There are just 400 Jarawa living today, so India's laws bar outsiders from making contact or photographing them to prevent the spread of disease. Clearly, not a fuck was given about those regulations.

As the cameras rolled, tourists tossed bananas and biscuits at Jarawa women like they were caged beasts. The AFP reports that the video could be up to seven years old, and that the women might've been forced to dance prior to the 2004 tsunami, but current security is better and more trustworthy.

As for that officer, his "punishment" is a six month delay to his promotion. Meanwhile, India is hunting for the parties responsible for the video. This won't go well.

[via Gawker]

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