Earlier this week, 32-year-old Dante Autullo of Orland Park, Illinois felt some minor pain after discharging a nail gun he was using to build a shed. He figured the nail had simply sailed past his head, but decided to seek medical attention after a day of discomfort. He thought doctors were fuckin' with him when they told him he had a 3 1/4 inch nail lodged in his brain-that is, until they showed him the X-ray.

If you're amazed that Autullo managed to shoot a nail into the middle of his brain and not notice, then what he did next will really shock you. While inside of an ambulance on his way to another hospital, he did what any tech savvy person would do in this scenario: upload the X-ray to Facebook.

The nail was removed from Autullo's skull (see him, his fiance and the surgeon above) and he's currently recovering at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, but anyone who's seen Season Four of The Wire knows he's lucky to be alive. A shot to the dome from a nail gun at close range will usually put you in a coffin.

We're pretty sure people made good use of the "Like" button when they saw the photo.

[via The Los Angeles Times and Gawker]

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