Harlem's Minhee Cho (pictured above) tweeted her Papa John's receipt yesterday, which referred to her as "lady chinky eyes." Papa John's immediately swung into PR mode, issuing apologies on Facebook and Twitter and terminating the 16-year-old girl who wrote the receipt.

This decision comes after operating partner Ronald Johnson, who runs five of the restaurants including the one in question, said he would rather give the girl sensitivity training than the axe because she ultimately wouldn't learn anything. It looks like the public's response to the incident was so overwhelmingly negative that getting the girl the fuck outta there was the only way to quiet the storm.

Other employees think the situation is being blown out of proportion, and an assistant manager has even suggested that Cho only tweeted her receipt to get attention. She admitted to that, saying she wanted to slander Papa John's, but as one of her followers inquired, why the hell was she in New York getting pizza from Papa John's anyway?

[via Gothamist]

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