With the Iowa Caucuses kicking off and the wide-open, underwhelming Republican field confusing the hell out of voters unsure as to whether the whole thing’s a joke, Google is hoping to aid voters with a new site, Google Politics & Elections.

The hub aggregates news from the world’s top publications, categorizing all of the clippings by candidate (Santorum, Perry) and issue (Economy, Immigration) to help filter out the noise. Using Google Maps, visitors to the site can access small-town news stories and user-generated videos based on location via the “On The Ground” section. Teaming with PBS, it also offers a calendar tracking each candidate’s comings and goings.

Not just limited to the US Presidential Election, Google is also offering an Egypt Edition, with the African country amidst democratic elections following the removal of former president Hosni Mubarak.

[via Mashable via The Smoking Section]