5. The “No!” Heard ‘Round The World

Think about it: You've just been horribly burned and scarred by your best friend, you're on life-support, and you just found out that you accidentally killed your pregnant wife. Would you just stand there with arms spread and shout, “Noooooooooo!” when you got the news? Apparently that’s what George Lucas thinks is the proper response because that’s exactly what happens in what should have been the best scene in Revenge Of The Sith.

Fans had been waiting decades to see the birth of Darth Vader, and instead of acting like the cold, homicidal cyborg that we all know and love, he acts like an irrational emo kid who's just been told that Thursday is breaking up. Really, who just stands there shouting, “Nooooooo!”? That’s the type of reaction one would have after discovering they got the wrong order at McDonalds, not after you found out that your wife and unborn children were dead.