8. Putting CGI In Almost Every Shot Of The Star Wars Prequels

There was a time when the word “special” in special effects really meant something. They were used sparingly in order to get the audience’s attention and provide some serious eye candy for the movie’s trailers and commercials. Evidently no one told George Lucas that when filming the prequels, because he made it his mission statement to put CGI in every scene in order to make his movies as artificial-looking as possible.

Everything that the original trilogy did with practical effects, Lucas did with hokey CGI in the prequels. There were CGI aliens, spaceships, clothing, and even fruit; that’s right, apparently regular fruit didn’t fit in with Lucas’ vision of ruining Star Wars. And then there was the copious amount of green-screen thrown into every shot just to give every scene that Playstation 2 look that every movie needs. He turned a once convincing world that audiences marveled at into a digital nightmare that completely removed us from the story.

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