1. Altering Episodes IV-VI And Not Releasing The Originals

It’s obvious that the original Star Wars trilogy holds a special place in the hearts of movie fans everywhere. Anytime you enter a theater during blockbuster season, it’s evident that the young filmmakers today grew up watching the Death Star trench run, the Battle for Hoth, and the speeder bike chase through Endor in awe. That’s why Lucas’ constant changing of the original movies' gets us so riled up.

In 1997, he started releasing these so-called “Special Editions” by including gaudy CGI shots and extra scenes into all three episodes. We could live with small changes like that, but most recently he added Darth Vader’s infamous “No!” to the ending of Return Of The Jedi almost as a way to stick it to fans who complained about it from Episode III. This is the equivalent of someone going back to Citizen Kane and turning Rosebud into a waffle iron, or giving Hal 9000 a Jamaican accent in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

These actions wouldn't be so bad if Lucas also released the original versions of these movies on Blu-ray, but apparently fans are stuck with the "Special Editions" for now. It’s obvious that most Star Wars geeks will forever be grateful for all of the awe-inspiring moments that George Lucas has brought to the screen over the years, but we just hope he’s done “fixing” these movies at this point. The films, and all of us, have suffered enough.